A Beginners Guide To Metal Detecting [Part 4]

In some instances you will get what is know as a ghost signal or a phantom signal when you dig down and do not find anything. If this happens, nine times out of ten the item is likely to a on the end of your spade. Remove the soil or sand on the spade and do a thorough search and hopefully you will be able to locate the item.

Staying Safe

There are a lot of things out there in metal detecting land that can potentially do you some damage and you need to be aware of them.

Always wear gloves as you can catch all kinds of diseases from silage and other horrible things in the mud and rusty metal can cause tetanus. Good durable gloves will not cost a fortune and they are an essential part of your kit. If you are in long grass, you should be aware of insects  and snakes as these can also cause your harm if they bite you.

One major thing to look out for is anything that look at all like an unexploded bomb. If you do come across anything like this that you are at all suspicious of, then get away from it as soon as possible and report it to the appropriate authorities. Your first point of contact should be with the police. What ever you do, do not try and dig them up. Just because they have been in the ground for 70 or 80 years, it does not mean that they are any less dangerous.

Another good idea for safety is to try and go detecting with a friend when ever you can. If you are alone and you run into trouble it can be harder to get help than if you are accompanied by somebody else. Of course, this is not always practical so at the very least ensure that you have a mobile phone on you at all times which is fully charged.

Be aware of other human activity around you and make sure that you walk away if you feel as though they may cause you problems or antagonise you in any way.

Finally, be aware of cows or bulls in any fields that you search, mainly because when they get alarmed they tend to charge and they could possibly injure you. They are very inquisitive animals and they will come up to you to see what you are doing a lot of the time.

Happy Detecting!