Metal Detecting Gear – A Guide To Saving Money

Metal detecting isn’t the cheapest hobby that you can have. What with detecting equipment, gadgets, appropriate clothing and supplies, the price can really start to add up, and that is before you even start to factor in the cost of transport.

The price of metal detectors does vary wildly depending on the model that you opt for, so if you want to get started without having to spend a fortune, choosing one of the cheaper makes could be the way to go. However, when it comes to buying clothing and supplies, there are a few ways that you can make your money go a little bit further.

1. Shop at Auction

Not every item of clothing or footwear needs to be brand new. Metal detecting is not a fashion parade, and if you want to stick to a budget, buying second hand items from the charity shop or on eBay could be the way to go. Bags, backpacks, survival gear and any other supplies that you need can also be picked up for a very good price if they are not brand spanking new. If you join a detecting forum, you might find other members there who are selling some of there old gear for a fraction of the price when new.

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2. Discount Coupons

If you still decide that you need to buy new gear, make sure that you don’t pay full price for it buy finding a store that offers coupon discounts. A lot of the major retailers including Go Outdoors, Blacks, Millets and Craghoppers issue discount codes from time to time, especially on the lead up to the festive season.

If you are struggling to find any, try looking on one of the following sites:

Typically you can search for a store name on all of these sites, or you can browse by category, with most of them having a section dedicated to outdoor clothing or camping supplies. You will struggle to find one with a dedicated section for metal detectors, although we can live in hope.

3. Get a Sponsor

This might sound a little bit far fetched, but until you have that huge find and earn millions of pounds, one way that you can save money on gear is to approach local companies and as them if they would like to sponsor you. After all, you are out and about all of the time and if you wore their clothing with a brand on it, you would be advertising them to everyone that you come into contact with. Local businesses might be happy to get their name out a bit, although you may struggle to get the attention of larger, national stores.


Saving money is easy if you just put in the time. Before you make a purchase take a few minutes to think about how you could possibly get the item for less. Of course the easiest way is simply to get in touch with a store and ask for money off. After all, the worst thing that might happen is that they decline.